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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Atlas of Almond Nucleotide-Binding Leucine-Rich Repeat (NLR) ProteinsGrimplet, Jerome; Rubio Cabetas, María José
2023Characterization of Almond Scion/Rootstock Communication in Cultivar and Rootstock Tissues through an RNA-Seq ApproachMontesinos Joven, Alvaro; Rubio Cabetas, María José; Grimplet, Jerome
2023Characterization of the scion/rootstock interaction effect on the molecular regulation of almond tree architectureRubio Cabetas, María José; Montesinos Joven, Alvaro; Grimplet, Jerome
2023Developing a phenotyping protocol to describe almond tree architecture traits influenced by rootstock genotype in commercial cultivarsRubio Cabetas, María José; Montesinos Joven, Álvaro; Thorp, Grant; Grimplet, Jerome
2024Genome editing in almond: A CRISPR-based approach through hairy root transformationJedličková, Veronika; Štefková, Marie; Sánchez López, Juan Francisco; Grimplet, Jerome; Rubio Cabetas, María José; Robert, Hélène S.
2023Identification of genes involved in almond scion tree architecture influenced by rootstock genotype using transcriptome analysisMontesinos Joven, Álvaro; Rubio Cabetas, María José; Grimplet, Jerome
2023Indicators of Sustainable Vineyard Soil Management: Metrics for Assessing Environmental ImpactsSilva Araujo, Emily; Grimplet, Jerome; González García, Vicente; Zugasti López, Inés; Marco Montori, Pedro; Rubio Cabetas, María José; Sánchez Durán, Sergio; García Barreda, Sergi; Isla Climente, Ramón; Dechmi, Farida; Mirás Avalos, José Manuel
2023Network of GRAS transcription factors in plant development, fruit ripening and stress responsesNeves, Catarina; Ribeiro, Beatriz; Amaro, Rute; Expósito, Jesús; Grimplet, Jerome; Fortes, Ana Margarida

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