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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Scanner database on cured ham purchases: brands, formats an pricesSanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Resano Ezcaray, Helena; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2012El sistema agroalimentario en Aragón: desde la producción al consumoAlbisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2016Situación actual del TTIP: argumentos para el debateAlbisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2019Small ruminants research and training needs assessment according to stakeholder’s perspective in Andalusia (South Spain)Sayadi, Samir; Ruiz, F.A.; Arrebola, F.; Cruz, J.L.; Parra López, C.; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2012Strategic Capabilities and Performance: An Application of Resource-Based View in Italian Food SMEsCarraresi, Laura; Mamaqi, Xhevrie; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel; Banterle, Alessandro
1996El subsector hortofrutícola aragonés ante la reforma de la PACAlbisu Aguado, Luis Miguel; Laajimi, Abderraouf
2010The overall significance of attributes and attributes’ levels on fresh fruit choiceGroot, Etiénne; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2011The Relationship Between Strategic Choices and Performance in Italian Food SMEs: A Resource-based ApproachCarraresi, Laura; Mamaqi, Xhevrie; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel; Banterle, Alessandro
1995Tree nuts economic outlook in the mediterranean area. The selection of main research issuesAlbisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2016La trufa negra en España. Organización de sus mercadosAlbisu Aguado, Luis Miguel; Herrando, Esther; Meza Peter, Liliana; Barriuso Vargas, Juan J.
1995El valor económico de las áreas protegidas. Aplicación al parque natural de la dehesa del MoncayoAlbiac Murillo, José; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel; Pérez y Pérez, Luis
1987El vino aragonés ante la CEEAlbisu Aguado, Luis Miguel
2014Wine consumers’ preferences in Spain: an analysis using the best-worst scaling approachde-Magistris, Tiziana; Gracia Royo, Azucena; Albisu Aguado, Luis Miguel