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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Economic Impacts of a Low Carbon Economy on Global Agriculture: The Bumpy Road to ParisJensen, Hans Grinsted; Pérez Domínguez, Ignacio; Fellmann, Thomas; Lirette, Paul; Hristov, Jordan; Philippidis, George
2014Employing social accounting matrix multipliers to profile the bioeconomy in the EU member states: is there a structural pattern?Philippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Ferrari, Emanuele; M'Barek, Robert
2015EU agricultural domestic support in GTAP. A proposal for an alternative approachBoulanger, Pierre; Philippidis, George; Jensen, Hans Grinsted
2017The EU bioeconomy role in wealth and employment. a sam analysisMainar Causapé, Alfredo; Philippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2015The EU budget battle: Assessing the trade and welfare impacts of CAP budgetary reformBoulanger, Pierre; Philippidis, George
2018EU commodity market development: Medium-term agricultural outlookPérez Domínguez, Ignacio; Gómez Barbero, Manuel; Fellmann, Thomas; Jensen, Hans Grinsted; Chatzopoulos, Thomas; Philippidis, George
2010EU import restrictions on genetically modified feeds; impacts on Spanish, EU and global livestock sectorsPhilippidis, George
2010A Euro-Mediterranean deal in agro-food and fisheries trade: Long run impacts in GreecePhilippidis, George; Kitou, Elisavet
2011A general equilibrium study of the effects of EU emissions reduction targets on spanish agricultureBourne, Michael Geoffrey; Childs, Jack Edward; Philippidis, George; Kreutzmann, Jeanett; Feijoo Bello, María Luisa
2005Getting the most form the Euro-Med agreement: a moroccan prespectivePhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2018The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain: Bioenergy use in the European UnionPhilippidis, George; Bartelings, Heleen; Helming, John; M'Barek, Robert; Smeets, Edward; Meijl, Hans van
2013Gravity estimation of non tariff measures (NTMs) on EU-USA agri-food trade: Implications for further analysisSanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Philippidis, George; Resano Ezcaray, Helena
2019How coupled are decoupled payments? An evolving modelling framework for an evolving policyBoulanger, Pierre; Boysen-Urban, Kirsten; Philippidis, George
2013The impacts of a CAP budget reform on the world economy: A CGE assessmentBoulanger, Pierre; Philippidis, George; Vinyes, Cristina
2018Impacts of a NoCAP Scenario on Sub-Saharan AfricaBoulanger, Pierre; Dudu, Hasan; Ferrari, Emanuele; M'Barek, Robert; Philippidis, George
2020Informe del proyecto "La modelización de la agricultura europea para garantizar la seguridad agroalimentaria frente al cambio climático - el desarrollo de un modelo sostenible del crecimiento y el empleo frente al cambio climático (macsur ii)” (APCIN2016-00042-00-00 / FACCE-JPI Knowledge Hub)Philippidis, George; Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón - CITA
2017Informe del Proyecto Macsur FACCE - Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food SecurityPhilippidis, George; Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón - CITA
2016Is ‘Bio-Based’ Activity a Panacea for Sustainable Competitive Growth?Philippidis, George; M´barek, Robert; Ferrari, Emanuele
2013Kyoto and Mañana: A CGE analysis of Spanish Greenhouse Gas targets to 2020Bourne, Michael Geoffrey; Philippidis, George; Quiroga, S.; Fernández Haddad, Z.
2019Levelling the playing field for EU biomass usagePhilippidis, George; Bartelings, Heleen; Helming, John; M'Barek, Robert; Smeets, Edward; Van Meijl, Hans