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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Observing and analysing the Bioeconomy in the EU – Adapting data and tools to new questions and challengesM'Barek, Robert; Philippidis, George; Suta, Cornelia; Vinyes, Cristina; Caivano, Arnaldo; Ferrari, Emanuele; Ronzon, Tevecia; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Santini, Fabien
2009Orani-Esp : a computable general equilibrium model for agricultural policy analysis in Spain: Part I. Building a CGE Data base for Orani-EspPhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2009Orani-Esp : a computable general equilibrium model for agricultural policy analysis in Spain: Part II: Modifications to the standard Orani-G model frameworkPhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2019El papel de la bioeconomía para enfrentar los desafíos de la sociedad en el siglo XXIPhilippidis, George
2007La política agraria común: aspectos básicos, instrumentos de intervención en precios y costes económicosRamos Argudo, Ramón; Philippidis, George
2017Pulling back the curtain on ‘behind the border’ trade costs: The case of EU-US agri-food tradeSanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Philippidis, George; Resano Ezcaray, Helena
2009Quantifying potential trade distortion from the single farm paymentPhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2018A Re-Examination of the Structural Diversity of Biobased Activities and Regions across the EUPhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2011Reaping What Others Have Sown: Measuring the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Spanish AgricultureBourne, Michael Geoffrey; Childs, Jack Edward; Philippidis, George
2012Recoger lo que otros han sembrado: El impacto de la crisis financiera global sobre el sector agrario en EspañaBourne, Michael Geoffrey; Childs, Jack Edward; Philippidis, George
2005Removing the "hidden" trade cost: an analysis of Mercosur´s trading arrangementsPhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel
2015Revisited framework of agricultural domestic support for CGE modelling: The case of the European UnionBoulanger, Pierre; Philippidis, George; Jensen, Hans Grinsted
2019Revisiting Agricultural Domestic Support in the GTAP Data BaseAguiar, Angel; Boulanger, Pierre; Boysen-Urban, Kirsten; Jensen, Hans Grinsted; Philippidis, George
2016Russian roulette at the trade table: a specific factors CGE analysis of an agri-food import banBoulanger, Pierre; Dudu, Hasan; Ferrari, Emanuele; Philippidis, George
2017Scenar 2030 - Pathways for the European agriculture and food sector beyond 2020M'Barek, Robert; Barreiro Hurlé, Jesús; Boulanger, Pierre; Caivano, Arnaldo; Ciaian, Pavel; Dudu, Hasan; Espinosa, Maria; Fellmann, Thomas; Ferrari, Emanuele; Gomez y Paloma, Sergio; Gorrin Gonzalez, Celso; Himics, Mihaly; Louhichi, Kamel; Perni, Angel; Philippidis, George; Salputra, Guna; Witzke, Peter; Genovese, Giampiero
2012Shifting Armington Trade Preferences: A re-examination of the Mercosur-EU negotiationsPhilippidis, George; Resano Ezcaray, Helena; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Bourne, Michael Geoffrey; Kitou, Elisavet
2014Structural Patterns of the Bioeconomy in the EU Member States – a SAM approachPhilippidis, George; Sanjuán López, Ana Isabel; Ferrari, Emanuele; M'Barek, Robert
2012Sugar and Spice and all things nice? Assessing the Impact of the 2006 EU sugar regime reformsRenwick, Alan; Revoredo Giha, Cesar; Philippidis, George; Bourne, Michael Geoffrey; Reader, Mark; Lang, Ben
2019A synergy between the biophysical and the economic: the global market impacts of soil erosionSartori, Martina; Philippidis, George; Ferrari, Emanuele; Borrelli, Pasquale; Lugato, Emanuele; Panagos, Panos; Montanarella, Luca
2005The impacts of the doha round. What's in it for Spain?Philippidis, George