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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019El difícil equilibrio entre la pérdida de agua y la fijación de carbono en plantasFerrio Díaz, Juan Pedro
2020Editorial: The Green Side of the Water Cycle: New Advances in the Study of Plant Water DynamicsFerrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Dubbert, Maren; Máguas, Cristina
2018Evaluation of the effect of the 2011 Tsunami on coastal forests by means of multiple isotopic analyses of tree-ringsLópez Cáceres, Máximo Larry; Nakano, Sayako; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Hayashi, Mika; Nakatsuka, Takeshi; Sano, Masaki; Yamanaka, Toshiro; Nobori, Yoshihiro
2018Hydraulic Constraints to Whole-Tree Water Use and Respiration in Young Cryptomeria Trees under CompetitionFerrio Díaz, Juan Pedro
2020Initial burst of root development with decreasing respiratory carbon cost in Fagus crenata Blume seedlingsKurosawa Yoko; Mori, Shigeta; Wang, Mofei; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; ...(et al.)
2020Living in Drylands: Functional Adaptations of Trees and Shrubs to Cope with High Temperatures and Water ScarcityPeguero Pina, José Javier; Vilagrosa, Alberto; Alonso Forn, David; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Sancho Knapik, Domingo; Gil Pelegrín, Eustaquio
2019“Low-cost” initial burst of root development in whole Fagus crenata seedlings: The key to survival?Kurosawa, Yoko; Mori, Shigeta; Wang, Mofei; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Yamaji, Keiko; Yoshimura, Kenichi; Qur'ani, Citra Gilang
2018Origins and expansions of Mediterranean agriculture in the context of global changeFerrio Díaz, Juan Pedro
2017Plasticidad fenotípica y variación genética en eficiencia en uso del agua en Pinus sylvestrisVelasco Voltas, J.; Sin Casas, E.; Vericat Grau, P.; Serrano Endolz, L.; Piqué Nicolau, M.; Notivol Paíno, Eduardo; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro
2020Root Architecture and Functional Traits of Spring Wheat Under Contrasting Water RegimesBrunel Saldias, Nidia; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Elazab, Abdelhalim; Orellana, Massiel; Pozo, Alejandro del
2014Uncoupling between soil and xylem water isotopic composition: how to discriminate mobile and tightly-bound water?Martín Gómez, Paula; Aguilera, Mónica; Pemán García, Jesús; Gil Pelegrín, Eustaquio; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro
2017Upper canopy view of the El Boalar forest in the Spanish Pyrenees (fotografía)Lázaro, Miguel Angel; Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Martín Gómez, Paula