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Title: Salmonellosis in wild birds and its relationship with the infection in finishing pigs
Authors: Vico, Juan Pablo
Mainar Jaime, Raúl Carlos
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Vico, J.P., Mainar-Jaime, R.C. "Salmonellosis in wild birds and its relationship with the infection in finishing pigs" [poster]. Proceedings book: 9th International Conference on the Epidemiology and Control of biological, chemical and physical hazards in pigs and pork : SAFEPORK 2011, International Conference, Maastricht, The Neherlands, 19 - 22 june, p. 264-267
Abstract: The potential relationship between Salmonella infection in wild birds and pigs was investigated. Feces from pigs, wild birds, and bird droppings or other environmental samples from 25 finishing farms were cultured for Salmonella isolation. In 17 (68%) farms Salmonella was isolated. Out of 57 Salmonella isolates found, 32 (56.1%) were Typhimurium. In 6 (24%) farms the same Salmonella serotype was isolated from samples from different origins and similar AR and PFGE patterns were found, which would support the existence of a transmission cycle of Salmonella infection between birds and pigs in this area. Preventing bird access to farm premises is highly recommended
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