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Title: Self-compatibility in Prunus species : diversity of mutations
Authors: Socias i Company, Rafel
Fernández i Martí, Angel V.
Kodad, Ossama
Alonso Segura, José Manuel
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Rafel Socias i Company, Angel Fernández i Martí, Ossama Kodad, José M. Alonso. “Self-compatibility in Prunus species. Diversity of mutations”. Eucarpia 19th General Congress: Plant Breeding for Future Generations, Budapest, 21-24 mayo 2012, p. 196-199
Abstract: Self-compatibility (SC) is an interesting horticultural trait. Molecular approaches have been recently applied to the elucidation of the interacting pollen-pistil mechanism and to the identification of the genes involved in pistil-pollen recognition. Both mutations of the pistil S-RNases and the pollen SFBs have been reported to explain the changes in the S allele expression. Stylar-part mutations have revealed that ribonuclease activity of the S-RNases is required to inhibit pollen growth. A defective function of the pollen may also give rise to SC. Breakdown of SI has also been associated with mutations affecting modifier loci unlinked to the S-locus. Additionally, a double phenotypic expression of the same genotype has been observed. The nature of these different mutations has only been identified in a few cases, including deletions, insertions, shift mutations and, more recently, epigenetic changes.
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