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Title: Influencia de la raza y el peso de sacrificio o el sistema de lactancia sobre la textura de la carne de cabrito
Other Titles: Influence of breed and slaughter weight or lactation system on kids’meat texture
Authors: Panea Doblado, Begoña
Alcalde Aldea, Mª Jesús
Ripoll García, Guillermo
Horcada Ibáñez, Alberto
Teixeira, Alfredo
Sañudo Astiz, Carlos
Olleta Castañer, José Luis
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Panea, B., Alcalde, M.J., Ripoll, G., Horcada, A., Teixeira, A., Sañudo, C. y Olleta, J.L. “Influencia de la raza y el peso de sacrificio o el sistema de lactancia sobre la textura de la carne de cabrito”. En: 41 Jornadas de Estudio. XIV Jornadas sobre Producción Animal. AIDA. Zaragoza, España, 17 y 18 de mayo de 2011, pp.703-705. ISBN: 978-84-615-0062-8
Abstract: Two Spanish dairy breeds (Murciano-Granadina and Malagueña) and five Spanish meat breeds (Blanca Andaluza, Blanca Celtibérica, Negra Serrana, Moncaína and Pirenaica) were used to study meat texture of suckling kids. In dairy breeds two lactation systems (natural or artificial) were used and animals were slaughtered to obtained 4 kg carcasses. In meat breeds animals were slaughtered to obtain carcasses of 4 or 7 kg. Thirty animals per breed were used, 15 of each weight or lactation system. At 24 h post-mortem L. thoracis from right carcasses were excised, vacuum packed, ageing until 72 h post-mortem and frozen at -20ºC. Texture was determined on raw meat with an Instron 4301 provided with a compression device (Lepetit y Culioli, 1994). Results were analysed with SPSS 15.0. A GLM with breed and weight or breed and lactation as fixed effects and with a Duncan test for differences between means (_=0.05). Breed had effect on texture variables in meat breeds but not in dairy breeds. Slaughter weight influenced C20 and lactation system influences C80 and C100. There were not found interactions between effects. In general, values are lower than those found in literature, maybe because the methodology, maybe because of used breed. It can be concluded that breed is more important than slaughter weight or lactation system on meat texture characteristics.
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