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Title: Calidad de la carne de terneros, añojos y cebones de raza Serrana de Teruel
Other Titles: Meat quality of yearling, bulls and steers of Serrana de Teruel breed
Authors: Albertí Lasalle, Pere
Ripoll García, Guillermo
Blasco Pérez, Isabel
Alvarez Rodríguez, Javier
Campo Arribas, María del Mar
Kara, S.
Sanz Pascua, Albina
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Albertí, P., Ripoll, G., Blasco, I., Alvarez-Rodríguez, J., Campo, M.M., Kara, S., Sanz, A. “Calidad de la carne de terneros, añojos y cebones de raza Serrana de Teruel”. En: 41 Jornadas de Estudio. XIV Jornadas sobre Producción Animal. AIDA. Zaragoza, España, 17 y 18 de mayo de 2011, pp.748-750. ISBN: 978-84-615-0062-8
Abstract: The meat quality from three commercial categories (yearling, young bull and steer, castrated at 9 months old) was studied. Ages at slaughter were 12, 22 and 22 months, and live-weights were 470, 720 and 660 kg, in yearling, bull and steer, respectively. The Serrana de Teruel breed produces meat of red colour that packed in film wrapped trays can be commercialized until 8 day. The meat needs a long aging time about 14 days. The young bull meat commercial category was the best sensory valuated.
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