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Title: Caracterización epidemiológica de la toxoplasmosis en cebaderos de porcino de Aragón
Other Titles: Epidemiological characterization of toxoplasmosis in finishing pig farms from Aragon.
Authors: Vico, Juan Pablo
Mainar Jaime, Raúl Carlos
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Vico, J.P., Mainar-Jaime, R.C. “Caracterización epidemiológica de la toxoplasmosis en cebaderos de porcino de Aragón”. En: 41 Jornadas de Estudio. XIV Jornadas sobre Producción Animal. AIDA. Zaragoza, España, 17 y 18 de mayo de 2011, pp.759-761. ISBN: 978-84-615-0062-8
Abstract: A cross sectional study showed that the individual seroprevalence to Toxoplasma gondii in finishing pigs in Aragón was 22.8% (CI95%=21.1%-24.4%) and the herd seroprevalence was 51.5% (IC95%=41.7%-61.3%). A generalized linear model showed that larger number of pigs in the farm, deficiencies on the outside fence, sharing workers between pig farms, lower percentage of slatted floor in the boxes and the presence of cats in the farm were positively associated with higher levels of seroprevalence. Lower seroprevalence was associated with bars as pen separation, water supply from wells/rivers and the absence of a continuous rodent control programme. Pig toxoplasmosis is widespread in Aragon and preventing the presence of cats and implementing overall hygiene and biosecurity measures are of utmost importance for its control.
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