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dc.contributor.authorBarros García, Rocío-
dc.contributor.authorIsidoro Ramírez, Daniel-
dc.contributor.authorAragüés Lafarga, Ramón-
dc.identifier.citationR. Barros, D. Isidoro, R. Aragüés. “Irrigation management, nitrogen fertilization and nitrogen losses in the return flows of La Violada irrigation district (Spain)”. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 155, (15 July 2012), p. 161–171-
dc.description.abstractNitrogen (N) pollution induced by irrigated agriculture is a significant environmental problem. The main N inputs and outputs were measured or estimated in the semi-arid La Violada irrigation district (Spain). Data on two periods (1995–1998 and 2006–2008) were compared and related to observed changes during the decade in cropping patterns and N fertilization and irrigation management. N fertilization exceeded crop N uptake due to over-fertilization of corn (426 kg N/ha in 1995–1998 and 332 kg N/ha in 2006–2008) and alfalfa (62 kg N/ha). Between the two periods, N fertilization decreased by 56%, primarily due to a change from corn to alfalfa and barley. Accordingly, N losses in the irrigation return flows (IRF) diminished from 31% of the applied fertilizer in 1995–1998 to 20% in 2006–2008. NO3− concentrations and NO3-N loads in the IRF decreased from 40 mg/L and 106 kg N/ha in 1995–1998 to 21 mg/L and 22 kg N/ha in 2006–2008, due to lower N fertilization, lower corn area and improved irrigation efficiency. N contamination in the IRF will be minimized by increasing the irrigation efficiency and decreasing the corn area and its N fertilization rates, particularly when supplemental organic N is applied at pre-sowing.es_ES
dc.subjectNitrogen use efficiencyes_ES
dc.subjectNon-point pollutiones_ES
dc.subjectNitrogen balancees_ES
dc.subjectIrrigation efficiencyes_ES
dc.subjectLa Violada irrigation districtes_ES
dc.subject.otherControl de la contaminación-
dc.subject.otherPolución difusa-
dc.subject.otherSuelos y riegoses_ES
dc.titleIrrigation management, nitrogen fertilization and nitrogen losses in the return flows of La Violada irrigation district (Spain)es_ES
dc.description.versionPeer Reviewed-
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