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Title: The definition of the European Almond Core collection
Authors: Socias i Company, Rafel
Alonso Segura, José Manuel
Espiau Ramírez, María Teresa
Fernández i Martí, Angel V.
Kodad, Ossama
Avanzato, D.
Bacchetta, L.
Botta, R.
Drogoudi, P.
Duval, H.
Metzidakis, I.
Rovira, M.
Silva, A.P.
Solar, A.
Spera, D.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Socias i Company R., Alonso J.M., Espiau M.T., Kodad O., Fernandez i Marti A. [et al.] 2011. The definition of the European Almond Core collection. V International Symposium on Pistachios and Almonds. Sanliurfa (Turkey), October 13-17, 2009. ISHS Acta Horticulturae 912:445-448
Abstract: The European project 068 AGRI GEN RES 870/2004 has as an aim the definition of the European almond core collection. The methodology for creation of any core collection has to define how best to select entries using complex and incomplete accession data, as well as how and when to revise these decisions over time. The acquisition of data has been based on specific varietal descriptors, including morphological, physiological, phytopathological, genetic and chemical traits, following the descriptors defined by IBPGR/Bioversity, UPOV and the ECP/GR Prunus Working Group. Newly defined traits, not included in these descriptors, have also been considered because they are very important in defining the range of variability of the species. These traits include chilling and heat requirements for blooming, the molecular markers for genotype identification and the different chemical components of the kernel, as possible parameters for defining almond quality. As a result, a strategy to define the almond core collection was identified by highlighting the main steps to achieve in the near future.
ISSN: 0567-7572
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