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dc.contributor.authorZapata Ruiz, María Valvaneraes_ES
dc.contributor.authorSalvador Esteban, Raqueles_ES
dc.contributor.authorCavero Campo, Josées_ES
dc.contributor.authorLecina Brau, Sergioes_ES
dc.description.abstractThe application of new technologies to the control and automation of irrigation processes is becoming very important, and the automatic generation and execution of irrigation schedules is receiving growing attention. In this paper, a prototype automatic irrigation controller for solid-set systems is presented. The device is composed by software and hardware developments. The software was named Ador-Control and it integrates five modules: the first four modules simulate drop trajectories, water distribution, crop growth and yield, and the last module ensures bidirectional communication between software and hardware. Decision variables based on soil, crop, and irrigation performance indexes were used to make real-time irrigation decisions. A randomized experimental design was designed to validate the automatic controller over a corn crop during two seasons. Three treatments were analyzed: T0) manual programmer or advanced farmer; T1) automatic scheduling controlled by indexes based on soil simulated water content and irrigation performance; and T2) advanced automatic scheduling controlled by simulated thresholds of crop and irrigation indexes. Experimental results in 2009 and 2010 indicated that automatic irrigation treatments resulted in similar maize yield but using less water than manual irrigation (10 % between T0 and T1, and 18 % between T0 and T2).en
dc.subject.othersuelos y riegoses_ES
dc.titleField test of an automatic controller for solid-set sprinkler irrigationen
dc.description.versionPeer Reviewed
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dc.bibliographicCitation.titleIrrigation Scienceen
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