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Title: A Draft Assembly of the Almond Genome: abstract
Authors: Alioto, Tyler
Cruz, Fernando
Gómez Garrido, Jéssica
Frías, Leonor
Ribeca, Paolo
Gut, Marta
Alexiou, Konstantinos G.
Howad, Werner
Morata, Jordi
Casacuberta, Josep M.
Rubio Cabetas, María José
Galán, Beatriz
García, José Luis
Dhingra, Amit
Duval, Henri
Fernández i Martí, Angel V.
Wirthensohn, Michelle
Gut, Ivo G.
Arús, Pere
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Plant and Animal Genome XXIV Conference. The Largest Ag-Genomics Meeting in the World: San Diego, CA, 9-13 January 2016
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