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Title: DSSAT model as a tool for water and nitrogen management in intensive irrigated areas: calibration and validation [poster]
Authors: Malik, Wafa
Dechmi, Farida
Isla Climente, Ramón
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: International Crop modelling Symposium, iCROPM2016. Berlín, 15 - 17 de marzo de 2016
Abstract: The DSSAT model has been used worldwide to simulate crop biomass and yield, and soil N dynamics under different management practices and various climatic conditions (Li et al., 2015). There is a continuous need to test and update the models under a wide range of environments and cropping practices (López‐Cedrón et al., 2008). This study was focused on the evaluation of the performance of CERES‐Maize to study the response (total biomass, grain yield and N uptake) of irrigated maize to different soil nitrogen availability under semi‐arid condition.
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