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Title: The Environmental Monitoring Network of Riegos del Alto Aragón (Spain)
Authors: Dechmi, Farida
Isidoro Ramírez, Daniel
Clavería Laborda, Ignacio
Balcells Oliván, María
Gimeno Cuenca, Yolanda
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Scientific Days of Medjerda (SDMed2017), ESIER Medjez el Bab- Túnez, 25-26 octubre de 2017
Abstract: This work presents the developed Network for irrigation return flows (IRFs) water quality control of Riegos del Alto Aragón Scheme, Spain. Water flows are measured and water sample are collected and analyzed for salinity, nutrients and pesticides. Results illustrating the state of the water quality of IRFs are presented. The collected database since 2005 is important for guiding present and future research on non-point pollution induced by intensive irrigation and establishing corrective measures. The results will be disseminated among farmers advancing the fertilization, irrigation, and manure management strategies that are considered more adequate to reduce the environmental effect of irrigation.
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