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Title: Pesticide Detection in the Riegos del Alto Aragón Irrigation Scheme (Spain)
Authors: Dechmi, Farida
Isidoro Ramírez, Daniel
Clavería Laborda, Ignacio
Sanz García, María Angeles
Balcells Oliván, María
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 2nd international conference: Scientific Days of Medjerda (SDMed2017), Medjez el Bab, 25-26 de octubre 2017
Abstract: The concentration of pesticides should remain below the Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for compliance with the European Water Framework Directive and for water quality preservation. The most usual pesticides in the Riegos del Alto Aragón Irrigation Scheme (NE Spain) were assessed through interviews and their concentrations were monitored in 6 drains for 6 years. For most pesticides, concentrations remained below the limit of quantification (LOQ = 0.01 μg/L) and the EQS; but TBZ and NSF (used in corn), CPM (alfalfa) and 24D and MCPA (corn and winter grains) were frequently higher than LOQ and occasionally higher than EQS
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