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Title: Upper canopy view of the El Boalar forest in the Spanish Pyrenees (fotografía)
Authors: Lázaro, Miguel Angel
Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro
Martín Gómez, Paula
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Tree Physiology, vol. 37, núm 11 (2017)
Abstract: Upper canopy view of the El Boalar mixed pine-oak (Pinus sylvestris, Quercus subpyrenaica) forest, near Jaca in the Spanish Pyrenees. Studying this ecosystem, Martín-Gómez et al. (this issue, 1478-1492) identifi ed a number of physiological traits that give marcescent oaks a signifi cant advantage over pine in surviving droughts that are increasing in severity. These fi ndings provide early warning tools to anticipate the risk of decline of Scots pine in the Mediterranean-Eurosiberian transition in Southern Europe. Photo: Miguel Ángel Lázaro.
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