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Title: Web-based survey of consumer preferences for the visual appearance of meat from suckling kids
Authors: Ripoll García, Guillermo
Alcalde Aldea, Mª Jesús
Argüello, Anastasio
Panea Doblado, Begoña
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Italian Journal of Animal Science, vol. 18, n. 1, (2019)
Abstract: Most suckling kids are raised on farms oriented toward cheese production, and many goat farmers’ rear kids with milk replacers. The aim of the current study was to investigate the consumer preferences for the visual appearance of meat from suckling kids reared with milk replacers or natural milk. Meat colour was the major criterion used to select meat. The meat of Cabra del Guadarrama reared with milk replacers was preferred by 72% of consumers and had a preferred lightness and hue angle. The rearing system did not influence preference through the time of display. Web-based surveys provided similar information to information recorded with live surveys using actual products instead of pictures. Meat colour appears to be a recurring intrinsic cue to assess consumer preference. In general, consumers preferred meat of light suckling kids reared on milk replacers because this meat had a high lightness and hue angle as well as a low chroma.HighlightsMeat colour was the major criterion used to choose meat.Rearing system did not influence consumer’s preference through time of display.Consumers preferred meat with high lightness and hue angle, and low chroma.
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