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dc.contributor.authorFadón Adrián, Ericaes_ES
dc.contributor.authorHerrera Lagranja, Saraes_ES
dc.contributor.authorGuerrero Camacho, Brenda Ivettees_ES
dc.contributor.authorGuerra Velo, Mª Engraciaes_ES
dc.contributor.authorRodrigo García, Francisco Javieres_ES
dc.identifier.citationAgronomy, vol. 10, num. 3, (2020)-
dc.description.abstractStone fruit trees of genus Prunus, like other temperate woody species, need to accumulate a cultivar-specific amount of chilling during endodormancy, and of heat during ecodormancy to flower properly in spring. Knowing the requirements of a cultivar can be critical in determining if it can be adapted to a particular area. Growers can use this information to anticipate the future performance of their orchards and the adaptation of new cultivars to their region. In this work, the available information on chilling- and heat-requirements of almond, apricot, plum, peach, and sweet cherry cultivars is reviewed. We pay special attention to the method used for the determination of breaking dormancy, the method used to quantify chilling and heat temperatures, and the place where experiments were conducted. The results reveal different gaps in the information available, both in the lack of information of cultivars with unknown requirements and in the methodologies used. The main emerging challenges are the standardization of the conditions of each methodology and the search for biological markers for dormancy. These will help to deal with the growing number of new cultivars and the reduction of winter cold in many areas due to global warming.en
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dc.titleChilling and Heat Requirements of Temperate Stone Fruit Trees (Prunus sp.)en
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dc.subject.agrovocCambio climáticoes
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