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Title: Effect of Feeding Level and Breed on the Daily Activity Budget of Lactating Beef Cows Fed Total Mixed Ration
Authors: Alvarez Rodríguez, Javier
Casasús Pueyo, Isabel
Sanz Pascua, Albina
Blanco-Penedo, I.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Agriculture, vol. 10, num. 6, (2020)
Abstract: The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of two feeding levels and two breeds on the daily activity budget of indoor-housed lactating beef cows fed total mixed ration (TMR). We used a total of 20 cows from Parda de Montaña (PA, n = 14) and Pirenaica (PI, n = 6) breeds. To evaluate the feeding level, PA cows were fed the TMR at the maintenance level and in a restricted amount. To evaluate the breed effect, PA and PI cows were fed at maintenance. All cows were video recorded for 24 consecutive hours at weeks 3, 8 and 13 of lactation. Scan sampling at 10-minute intervals was used to obtain information on their daily activity budget. The restricted feeding level did not affect the time standing or lying, but it reduced the time eating the TMR and increased the time exploring and/or eating straw bedding. Both breeds showed a similar daily activity budget, except for the time that they spent foraging straw, which was lower in PA than in PI breed. In conclusion, feeding level and breed of lactating beef cows fed on TMR during the indoor housing period did not affect the main contributors to the daily activity budget.
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