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Title: Content of Capsaicinoids and Capsiate in “Filius” Pepper Varieties as Affected by Ripening
Authors: Vázquez Espinosa, Mercedes
Fayos Avellán, Oreto
González de Peredo, Ana V.
Espada Bellido, Estrella
Ferreiro González, Marta
Palma, Miguel
Garcés Claver, Ana
Barbero, Gerardo F.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Plants, vol. 9, num. 9, (2020)
Abstract: Peppers are fruits with wide genetic variability and multiple ways of being consumed that hold a relevant position in the human diet. Nowadays, consumers are interested in new gastronomic experiences provided by pepper cultivars that present new shapes, colors, and flavors while preserving their bioactive compounds, such as their capsaicinoids and capsinoids. However, numerous changes take place during their development that may alter their biological properties. Therefore, this work evaluates the capsaicinoid and capsiate contents in two traditional varieties of ornamental peppers (“Filius Blue” and “Filius Green’”) during fruit maturation. The aim is to determine the ideal harvesting moment depending on the farmer’s objective (e.g., achieving a specific color, shape, or flavor; achieving the maximum concentrations of bioactive compounds). The capsaicinoid contents followed different patterns in the two varieties analyzed. The “Filius Blue” variety exhibited increasing concentrations of capsaicinoids up to the 41st day post-anthesis (dpa), from which point on this trend was reversed. The concentrations in the “Filius Green” variety increased and decreased several times, reaching maximum concentrations on the 69th dpa. Regarding capsiate contents, both varieties varied in the same way, reaching maximum concentrations on the 34th dpa and then decreasing.
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