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dc.identifier.citationThe Plant Journal, in press, (2020)-
dc.description.abstractThe absorption of water and solutes by plant leaves has been recognised since more than two centuries. Given the polar nature of water and solutes, the mechanisms of foliar uptake have been proposed to be similar for water and electrolytes, including nutrient solutions. Research efforts since the XIX Century focussed on characterising the properties of cuticles and applying foliar sprays to crop plants as tool for improving crop nutrition. This was accompanied by the development of hundreds of studies aimed at characterising the chemical and structural nature of plant cuticles from different species and the mechanisms of cuticular and, to a lower extent, stomatal penetration of water and solutes. The processes involved are complex and will be affected by multiple environmental, physico-chemical and physiological factors which are only partially clear to date. During the last decades, there is growing evidence that water transport across leaf surfaces of native species may contribute to water balances (absorption and loss) at an ecosystem level. Given the potential importance of foliar water absorption for many plant species and ecosystems as shown in recent studies, the aim of this review is to first integrate current knowledge on plant surface composition, structure, wettability and physico-chemical interactions with surface-deposited matter. The different mechanisms of foliar absorption of water and electrolytes and experimental procedures for tracing the uptake process are discussed before posing several outstanding questions which should be tackled in future studies.en
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dc.titleFoliar water and solute absorption: an updateen
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