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Title: Investigating Italian Consumer Preferences for Different Characteristics of Provolone Valpadana Using the Conjoint Analysis Approach
Authors: Sampalean, Niculina Iudita
de-Magistris, Tiziana
Rama, Daniele
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Foods, vol. 9, num. 12, (2020)
Abstract: The objective of this paper was twofold. First, we estimated consumer preferences for an Italian cheese (Provolone Valpadana) with respect to several attributes and levels, such as price, origin certification, production system, ‘free from’ labelling, and brand. Second, we identified consumer clusters with similar preferences for various cheese characteristics. Preferences were estimated using the conjoint analysis method. Then, a cluster analysis was used to classify consumers into different (three) clusters followed by a market simulation. In all three clusters, the attribute most preferred by Italian consumers was the brand of the cheese: consumers preferred to purchase Provolone cheese having the lowest price, produced by Auricchio, bearing a European Union (EU) quality certification, produced organically, and non-lactose-free. The results of our study provide helpful information to food companies for better segmenting their market and targeting their consumers, as well as effectively promoting their products using brands, certifications as organic and lactose-free. This study contributes to the literature on consumer preference for the EU labelling scheme (voluntary and mandatory). To our knowledge, this is the first study to investigate this combination of multiple labels displayed on the front of Italian cheese packaging.
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