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Title: Sugar content and organic acid profiles of local apple cultivars recovered from mountain zones
Authors: Castel Duaso, Lourdes
Pina Sobrino, Ana
Irisarri Sarto, Patricia
Errea Abad, María Pilar
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, vol. 93, (2020)
Abstract: Ancient apple cultivars grown in local areas have so far been largely unexplored and may attract a large share of consumers oriented towards natural foods evoking ancient flavors. In this work, 34 traditional apple cultivars of the Pyrenees were analyzed in terms of sugar and acidity profile and their relation, as alternative fruits for a growing demand in society regarding quality and nutritional proper-ties. The results show a wide range between cultivars of analyzed variables, especially in terms of acid, pH and soluble solids, with high standard deviation values. The results were higher than in other similar studies of commercial apple cultivars, as well as higher values related to other local accessions. The large differences between cultivars can be attributed to the origin of the plant material, since all cultivars were grown under the same geographical conditions and with the same applied agronomic practices. The associations found in this study provide information about the nutritional content of the analyzed apples and their organoleptic and physicochemical qualities, and could be useful in targeting specific consumer requirements. In conclusion, this study highlights the suitability of these local accessions recovered in the Pyrenees as key genetic resources to be used in future breeding programs, as well as its potential use for different products which would open the door to new varieties and new consumption alternatives.
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