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Title: Do virtual reality experiments replicate projection bias phenomena? Examining the external validity of a virtual supermarket
Authors: de-Magistris, Tiziana
López Galán, Belinda Susan
Ballco, Petjon
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Journal of Agricultural Economics, in press, (2021)
Abstract: We examine whether projection bias is also present in virtual environments. Two hypotheses were tested using a between-subject experiment with three conditions: (i) experimental context (virtual vs. real); (ii) consumption periods (today vs. tomorrow); and (iii) appetite level (hungry vs. satiated). An exact replication of the virtual supermarket was performed in a real supermarket setting to test for robustness. The findings indicate the presence of a projection bias in the virtual reality setting. The robustness test used to compare a virtual and a real purchase at the supermarket showed that subjects in the virtual environment behave similarly to those in a real supermarket. These results validate our findings and highlight virtual reality use as a new tool for investigating consumer behaviour in food research.
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