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Title: How can we untap the energy saving potential of households? Insights from houselhold preferences for alternative measures
Authors: Gracia Royo, Azucena
Pérez y Pérez, Luis
Barreiro Hurlé, Jesús
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: XIII Congreso de Economía Agroalimentaria: Sistemas agroalimentarios sostenibles, innovadores e inclusivos para una sociedad en transformación. Cartagena, 1 - 3 de septiembre de 2021
Abstract: Reducing energy consumption is one of the steps needed to achieve a climate neutral energy system by 2050. Households account for 17.1% of final energy consumption in Spain and have a high reduction potential. However, this is difficult to achieve as it relies on the individual behaviour of millions of households. This paper tries to investigate how this behaviour could be triggered by analysing individuals’ preferences for households’ energy saving measures. We surveyed 401 individuals in Aragón in 2020 using an on line platform evaluating different energy saving measures applying the Best Worst Method and estimating a Latent Class Model. The results show that individuals value investments in energy saving measures, such as insulation of their home or using energy efficient appliances as the most important measures. On the contrary, daily behaviours as setting thermostats to recommended levels, turning lights and devices off, replacing traditional light bulbs with LED, using fully loaded washing appliances and setting temperature of refrigerators and freezers at ECO levels were less valued. We identified three different classes of energy saving behaviour patterns: "high potential energy savers", "convenience seekers" and "financially constrained". Our results can help policy makers when designing energy saving policies.
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