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Title: Application of Pressurized Liquid Extractions to Obtain Bioactive Compounds from Tuber aestivum and Terfezia claveryi
Authors: Tejedor Calvo, Eva
García Barreda, Sergi
Sánchez Durán, Sergio
Morte, Asunción
Siles Sánchez, María de las Nieves
Soler Rivas, Cristina
Santoyo, Susana
Marco Montori, Pedro
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Foods, vol. 11, num. 3, (2022)
Abstract: A PLE (pressurized liquid extraction) method was adjusted following a full-factorial experimental design to obtain bioactive-enriched fractions from Tuber aestivum and Terfezia claveryi. Temperature, time and solvent (water, ethanol and ethanol–water 1:1) parameters were investigated. The response variables investigated were: obtained yield and the levels of total carbohydrate (compounds, β-glucans, chitin, proteins, phenolic compounds and sterols). Principal component analysis indicated water solvent and high temperatures as more adequate parameters to extract polysaccharide-rich fractions (up to 68% of content), whereas ethanol was more suitable to extract fungal sterols (up to 12.5% of content). The fractions obtained at optimal conditions (16.7 MPa, 180 °C, 30 min) were able to protect Caco2 cells from free radical exposure, acting as antioxidants, and were able to reduce secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines in vitro: IL-6 (50%), and TNFα (80% only T. claveryi ethanol extract), as well as reduce high inhibitory activity (T. aestivum IC50: 9.44 mG/mL).
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