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Title: Incorporating pressure–volume traits into the leaf economics spectrum
Authors: Nadal Nadal, Miquel
Clemente Moreno, María J.
Perera Castro, Alicia V.
Roig Oliver, Margalida
Onoda, Yusuke
Gulías, Javier
Flexas, Jaume
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Ecology Letters, vol. in press, (2023)
Abstract: In recent years, attempts have been made in linking pressure–volume parameters and the leaf economics spectrum to expand our knowledge of the interrelationships among leaf traits. We provide theoretical and empirical evidence for the coordination of the turgor loss point and associated traits with net CO2 assimilation (An) and leaf mass per area (LMA). We measured gas exchange, pressure–volume curves and leaf structure in 45 ferns and angiosperms, and explored the anatomical and chemical basis of the key traits. We propose that the coordination observed between mass-based An, capacitance and the turgor loss point (πtlp) emerges from their shared link with leaf density (one of the components of LMA) and, specially, leaf saturated water content (LSWC), which in turn relates to cell size and nitrogen and carbon content. Thus, considering the components of LMA and LSWC in ecophysiological studies can provide a broader perspective on leaf structure and function.
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