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Title: Genomic and Bioinformatic Resources for Perennial Fruit Species
Authors: Grimplet, Jérôme
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Current Genomics, vol. 23, num. 4, (2022)
Abstract: In the post-genomic era, data management and development of bioinformatic tools are critical for the adequate exploitation of genomics data. In this review, we address the actual situation for the subset of crops represented by the perennial fruit species. The agronomical singularity of these species compared to plant and crop model species provides significant challenges on the implementation of good practices generally not addressed in other species. Studies are usually performed over several years in non-controlled environments, usage of rootstock is common, and breeders heavily relies on vegetative propagation. A reference genome is now available for all the major species as well as many members of the economically important genera for breeding purposes. Development of pangenome for these species is beginning to gain momentum which will require a substantial effort in term of bioinformatic tool development. The available tools for genome annotation and functional analysis will also be presented.
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