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Title: Correction to: Phenotyping Almond Orchards for Architectural Traits Influenced by Rootstock Choice (Horticulturae 2021, 7, 159)
Authors: Montesinos Joven, Álvaro
Thorp G
Grimplet, Jérôme
Rubio Cabetas, María José
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Montesinos, Á., Thorp, G., Grimplet, J., & Rubio-Cabetas, M. J. (2022). Correction: Montesinos et al. Phenotyping Almond Orchards for Architectural Traits Influenced by Rootstock Choice. Horticulturae 2021, 7, 159. Horticulturae, 8(5), 355. MDPI AG. Retrieved from
Abstract: Error in Figure/TableIn the original publication, there was a mistake in Figure 2 as published; it contained In the original incorrect publication names for [1], the there cultivars. was a The mistake correct in figure Figure is shown 2 as published; below this it paragraph. contained The authors apologize for any inconvenience caused and state that the scientific conclusions incorrect names for the cultivars. The correct figure is shown below this paragraph. are unaffected. The original publication has also been updated. The Correct FigureThe Correct2: Figure 2.
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ISSN: 23117524
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