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Title: Decision support system for selecting the rootstock, irrigation regime and nitrogen fertilization in winemaking vineyards: WANUGRAPE4.0
Authors: Visconti Reluy, Fernando
Fuente Lloreda, Mario de la
Buesa, Ignacio
Escalona, José Mariano
Medrano, Hipolito
Miranda, Carlos
Mirás Avalos, José Manuel
Palacios, J.
Pérez-Pérez, Juan Gabriel
Ramírez Cuesta, Juan Miguel
Romero, Pascual
Santesteban, Luis G.
Uriarte, David
Parra, M.
Intrigliolo, Diego S.
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Visconti, F., Fuente, M. de la, Buesa, I., Escalona, J. M., Medrano, H., Miranda, C., Avalos, J. M. M., Palacios, J., Pérez-Pérez, J. G., Ramírez-Cuesta, J. M., Romero, P., Santesteban, L. G., Torres, N., Uriarte, D., Parra, M., & Intrigliolo, D. S. (2023). Decision support system for selecting the rootstock, irrigation regime and nitrogen fertilization in winemaking vineyards: WANUGRAPE4.0. BIO Web of Conferences, 68, 01032.
Abstract: We aim to develop and transfer to the wine sector a decision support system (DSS) in the frame of WANEGRAPE4.0 project that, integrated into a geographic information system, helps wine growers in i) selecting the most suitable rootstock given some agroecological conditions and oenological objectives; and ii) managing irrigation and nitrogen fertilization in the most suitable way for the selected rootstock and agroecological conditions. The following goals have been achieved. First, the modular structure and information flow of the DSS has been defined. Second, the main algorithms of the water balance module (DSS core part) have been formulated and the module coded in a spreadsheet. Third, this water balance module has been tested with data from field experiments in several regions of Spain. Fourth, the relationships between grapevine water status and production and harvest quality variables have been established, revealing an always-significant effects of the decrease in water stress on vegetative development, yield, and grape composition. Fifth, the nitrogen fertilizer effects on vine performance has been assessed. Sixth, the effects rootstocks have on 5 parameters of vine production and grape quality for winemaking have been established too by doing another meta-analysis of rootstock trials. Seventh, a rootstock selection module has been defined. The WANUGRAPE4.0 project goes on with the integration of all its modules, their coding in a World Wide Web language and their publication on an Internet portal.
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