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Title: Irrigation Cartographic Units (ICU) in the Ebro River Basin in Aragón
Authors: Lorenzo González, María Angeles
Playán Jubillar, Enrique
Gimeno, Yolanda
Balcells Oliván, María
Quílez y Sáez de Viteri, Dolores
Jiménez, A
López Pardo, J. R.
Oliván, I.
Castillo, R.
Vicente, L. M.
Gálvez, L.
Lax, J. L.
Zapata, N.
Solano, D.
Aguaviva, J.
Issue Date: 2024
Citation: M.A. Lorenzo-González, M. Balcells, E. Playán, Y. Gimeno, D. Quílez, A. Jiménez, I. Oliván, J. R. López-Pardo, R. Castillo, L. M. Vicente, L. Gálvez, J. A. Lax, D. Solano J. Aguaviva and N. Zapata, 2024; Irrigation Cartographic Units (ICU) in the Ebro River Basin in Aragón v.2. [Dataset]
Abstract: Different data sources were used: (i) Cartography of the boundaries of the Water Users` Associations limits elaborated by the General Water Users Associations (if existing); (ii) cartography of irrigated area from the Ebro River Basin Authority; (iii) Cartography of the projected expansion of the irrigated area from the Ebro River Basin Authority (Ebro Hydrological Plan 2010-2015); and (v) Water Use inventory from the Ebro River Basin Authority (
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